Wednesday, September 28

First-tee Jitters

Well, here goes. I hope I don't top it.

Entering the first post at The Armchair Golfer is a little like teeing off on the first hole. You want to be confident ... but you're not sure at all where it's going. At least there's not a lot of you standing around, watching, like sometimes happens on the first tee.

When Chris DiMarco was lining up his winning putt on the 18th hole at the President's Cup on Sunday, Jack Nicklaus turned to Fred Couples who had holed a putt on a similar line to win his match against Vijay Singh.

"Freddy, what does it do?" Jack asked. "I don't know," Fred replied. "I just closed my eyes and hit it."

I think that's what I'll do here. Just close my eyes and hit it.

For the record, this is Day 145 without playing golf. How long has it been since you've played?

I am respectfully

The Armchair Golfer


Will said...

Hey, I'll bookmark you, but you have to promise to post another one. :) Good luck, and I played yesterday (88).


Jen Mario said...

Welcome to the golf blog world. It's a fun place to be, all told.

So I'll bite, why doncha play golf anymore?