Sunday, November 6

Some Guy Named Bart Wins Stare Down with Tiger and Retief

Day 15 without playing golf

On Thursday I had Bart Bryant winning the Tour Championship. Yeah, right.

Who in the name of Jack Fleck is Bart Bryant?

Talk about coming out of nowhere. Literally. This guy has been toiling away on the mini-tours and big tour for, what, 18 years? Today he wins more money ($1.17 million) than the whole rest of his career. Hey, you gotta love that.

But he didn't just win a big check. He went toe to toe with The Man, Retief and a cast of PGA Tour all-stars and ho-hummed his way to a six-shot victory. Choking on Bart's dust, Tiger managed a second-place finish.

Admit it, we all thought Bart was going to gag. Sometimes there's great pleasure in being wrong.

The Armchair Golfer

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MCPO Airdale said...

Bart did win the Memorial this year as well.