Monday, December 19

How CBS Captured the Top Moment in Golf

Day 58 without playing golf

This year's top moment in golf? Tiger Wood's chip-in on the 16th hole in the final round of The Masters, according to

Hard to argue.

Here's a excerpt, including how CBS captured the moment:

"Tiger Woods won the 2005 Masters, but Nike may have benefited even more than its most famous endorsee.

"Woods' chip-in at the 16th hole Sunday would have been an incredible shot even if CBS had not captured it perfectly, zooming in closer and closer as the ball made its way down the slope, hesitated on the edge of the hole -- with the Nike 'Swoosh' logo perfectly centered -- before tumbling in. It was the top moment of the year in televised golf.

"Verne Lundquist, who called the shot for CBS, explained that getting the memorable sequence was more than just dumb luck.

"Earlier in the week, longtime cameraman Bob Wishnie was in the tower with Lundquist watching a practice round. 'Look,' said Wishnie, 'I've got a new toy.' A player had marked his ball about 100 feet away with a coin and Wishnie was showing off his new camera with a 100:1 zoom lens. 'I looked in the viewfinder,' said Lundquist, 'and I could see In God We Trust 2002 [on the coin].' "

What were your top moments of the year in golf?

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