Wednesday, January 11

Ernie Els Is Raring to Go

Day 81 without playing golf

"I'm raring to go," Ernie Els said on his Web site, as reported by

"I feel sharp. Physically I feel strong. And I feel really good about my golf swing."

Els, 36, figures he has another 10 good years ahead of him. His role model? Vijah Singh.

"… if you look at how well Vijay's been playing since he turned 40, winning majors, topping the PGA Tour money list, and all the rest of it, it kind of inspires me."

I’ll say this: Els’ swing is a piece of effortless beauty and he has the touch of a surgeon. If Ernie doesn’t lose interest or get hurt, I can see him staying competitive for a long, long time.

The Armchair Golfer

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