Saturday, January 7

Johnny Miller, Of Course

Day 77 without playing golf

Anonymous and Dave got it right. It was Johnny Miller who said Tiger Woods has five good years left to bag more majors. After that, according to Miller, all bets are off.

Miller also said that Tiger is older when it comes to golf.

"Tiger was such a child prodigy. He's not 30 right now; he's at least 35 golf-wise," Miller told USA Today.

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The Armchair Golfer


mediaguru @ said...

Gotta lose those popups man!

Anonymous said...

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Stacy said...

I believe that Tiger Woods will win majors even when he hits the Champions Tour. Tiger will be able to play in majors like Tom Watson And Tom Kite do. He's way ahead of his time and will not disappoint both his fans and himself.

ziggy said...

Thats an intersting point about Tiger being 35 in golf years instead of 30. I think that very well may be the case. If he has another 5 good years of golf left, that should get him about 7 more majors, just enough to get to the cusp of all the all time record.