Thursday, February 16

My Unbelievable Torrey Pines Story

Day 117 without playing golf

Some of you have asked that I write about my unbelievable Torrey Pines story. At the risk of being golf's version of James Frey, here goes.

All of us at one time or another have played until dark. I was out one day after work with two or three golf buddies on Torrey's South Course when we ran out of daylight. We were in the middle of the back nine, so we just started walking in.

The sky was clear and there was a full moon. You could see your shadow in the moonlight.

When we got to the 18th -- the par five you've probably seen on TV with the pond in front -- I decided to tee it up just for yucks. I made my swing, it felt good, and we continued to walk in.

I wasn't going to look too hard for the ball -- after all, it was dark -- but there it was right in the middle of the fairway.

I pulled my three wood, aimed a bit right to avoid the pond, and took my swing. Again, it felt good, but I had no idea where it went.

Admittedly, this was a difficult shot to execute in the daylight with the pond in full view. I normally bailed out right. In this particular situation, I had no such concerns. I just kept my head down and made a smooth swing. We kept walking.

I walked on the line that I hoped my ball had traveled, but I had no expectation of finding it. There it was! It was on the fringe in two, a first for me. Now I'm definitely playing out.

I could barely make out the flag, so I walked on to the middle of the green to gauge slope and distance. I returned to my bag and pulled my 8-iron. I aimed right, knowing the chip would swing left. It was a total guess in the dark, but I hit a solid chip.

You've surely guessed by now what happened. I chipped in for eagle. I eagled #18 on Torrey South in the moonlight!

I had witnesses (or did I?). I thought about calling at least one of them who I haven't talked to in years to verify this account. After all, I don't want to end up on Oprah trying to defend this unbelievable story.

The Armchair Golfer


Anonymous said...

Great story. The game of golf is so stupid I believe almost everything I hear about it.

Andrew said...

You know I can relate to this also..I was playing Coronado GC years ago under similar circumstances. It was a par 4 if I remember. It was a weird night, 2 other buds, we're just finishing up. I hit my drive..walked up and found it..hit a 7 iron..felt good. walked up on the green and found it..putt for a birdie..I really didn't think much about it at the time..ny frinds were more stoked then I was..I'll always remember it.