Thursday, March 30

New Golf Site:

Day 159 without playing golf

Tony Korologos (aka Mediaguru and publisher of the highly popular Hooked On Golf Blog) has pioneered a new online golf concept:

Think of it as the golf equivalent of myspace. Network with your favorite people -- golfers!

You can include personal profiles, business profiles, photos, golf information and much more. It's all free. If you're a golf enthusiast, hustle over there, take the tour and sign up.

Here's how Tony said it came about:

"A little less than two months ago I was driving down the street when this new Web site idea hit me. The thought blew me away so bad I almost drove off the road. The idea: Build a networking site like myspace for golf. I couldn't get home fast enough..."

Notice he said two months ago? Tony went from concept to launch in very little time (and apparently with very little sleep). Check it out.

The Armchair Golfer

P.S. Read more about at Hooked On Golf Blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi There is a site similar in the UK called . They also have an interactive map with over 24000 of the worlds golf courses and you can see golf buddies on a interactive map.

tony @ said...

The Golf Space's one year anniversary is coming up!