Tuesday, April 25

How to Practice Like Ben Hogan

Day 185 without playing golf

Ben Hogan invented golf practice. OK, maybe Hogan didn't invent it, but he did for golf practice what Gary Player did for golf fitness.

I mention this because I gave Afternoons with Mr. Hogan by Jody Vasquez to my brother for his birthday.

It's a fascinating up-close look at Hogan's practice habits and ultra-private personality through the eyes of Vasquez, a former caddy at Shady Oaks Country Club who shagged balls for Hogan during his legendary practice sessions.

If any of us practiced like Ben Hogan, just how much better could we be?

I know, I know. Who has the time or inclination?

Unfortunately, I don't, which is why I am ...

The Armchair Golfer


Anonymous said...

I try to base my swing on Ben Hogan's swing. I think his swing was more sound than any other swing. Including Tigers. Speaking of which, I saw some pretty cool Ben Hogan pictures at a website called www.GolfThisWay.com. Check it out. It's kinda like a HotOrNot.com for golfers.

NothingMan said...

Yeah, it's amazing how disciplined he was. Unfortunately, his life was nothing but golf. If I thought I could spend every waking hour practicing, I probably would try, but I'd also be divorced, broke, and on a stetcher.

However, back to the point, it's just absolutely amazing how much effort he put into the game (muscle details, stance, grip, etc). I'm sure you already have it, but I'd recommend reading the Modern Fundamentals of Golf.

By the way, I tried to develop the swing he teaches, and since I tried changing everything at once, I totally screwed my game.

-- One step at a time