Sunday, April 9

Masters Day 4: Lefty Learns How to Close

Day 169 without playing golf

We’ve all waited a long time for Phil to win majors. Today he looked like he’s getting the hang of it. Now Mickelson has two of those ugly green jackets and last year’s PGA, making it two consecutive majors.

Lefty was the smartest, most-controlled player on Augusta National. On Sunday, no doubt. Did you ever think you would live to see it?

Awesome supporting cast, too. For a while it seemed like any of about 10 guys could win, including some unheralded players like Tim Clark. I don’t think Clark is as tall as his putter, but he can certainly golf his ball.

In his words, Tiger putted like a spazz. Welcome to the human race, bud.

And Fred Couples putted like Fred Couples. Which is a real shame because Boom-Boom striped it all day long.

The Armchair Golfer

P.S. Monday is official Masters hangover day.

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mediaguru @ said...

Day 169 without golf? Are you injured?