Monday, April 3

Waffle House May Hold Key to Masters Victory for Mickelson

Day 163 without playing golf

Forget that Lefty obliterated the field at the BellSouth Classic. Forget the two-driver strategy.

It's Masters week and I'm pulling out all the stops to get the inside scoop on Team Mickelson.

Two words: Waffle House.

This from

"Now for Mickelson's secret weapon as he prepares for the 2006 Masters. He finally revealed what the magic might be for him -- an early week visit to the local Waffle House to meet with Pelz and some of his short game staff for a pre-Masters breakfast.

'I like the Waffle House there. They have some pretty good breakfasts.'"

Belch. Oops, sorry Tiger. Must have been that Belgian waffle.

The Armchair Golfer

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dave said...

I guess this is in step with his crusade to be in shape this season.