Tuesday, July 18

British: Hoylake ... Huh?

The British Open returns to the Royal Liverpool Golf Club at Hoylake after a, er, 39-year absence. The last British Open winner here was Roberto De Vicenzo who is 159 years old. Actually, he's only 80 something.

(There's a nice piece on De Vicenzo in the July issue of Golf Digest. The guy could flat play -- even Hogan said so.)

I know nothing about this course and have no idea who will capture the Claret Jug. Which, in fact, should make it a very entertaining British Open to watch.

The Armchair Golfer


MCPO Airdale said...

I'm like a kid two days before Christmas. I have no clue as to who might win this year.

Mary said...

Hi, Just thought I would look for any bloggers in Hoylake. I was born there.