Thursday, August 17

Tribute to Big Ed Schaefers

I've been absent for a while, due largely to the passing of my father-in-law, Big Ed Schaefers. (We just returned from Seattle early in the week.)

Ed was an avid golfer, and a good one, too. He carried a single-digit handicap most of his life and won his men's club championship (low gross). I didn't play with Ed until he was well into his 60s, but he could still shoot in the 70s, hitting his baby fade and putting like a demon.

In 1998 when the PGA came to the Seattle area (Sahalee), Ed bought a week-long pass and let me use it for the opening round. It was my second "major" and my first in-person look at Tiger Woods.

If there are tee times in heaven, Ed certainly has one and is giving his playing partners fits.

The Armchair Golfer

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MCPO Airdale said...

Bless Big Ed and glad to have you back/