Tuesday, September 26

Are Americans Sore Losers?

From the American media to anyone with a passing interest in U.S. golf, people are hacked off. Three straight Ryder Cup losses. Unthinkable!

Let's list all the excuses and round up all the possible parties to blame. Let's change the competition somehow, the team selection process, or maybe the venue, so the good ol' USA can win again.

(Remember when this happened in international basketball? If only America could play its NBA stars in the Olympics ...)

Europe, Australia, South Africa and other countries have produced excellent golfers. Many have honed their games at American universities and now compete regularly on the PGA Tour. Golf is a worldwide game and American supremacy (minus Tiger) is a thing of the past.

As some have already said, it will take better American players who are completely dedicated to winning the Ryder Cup. Otherwise it will be more of the same.

Winning is no longer an American birthright -- at least not in golf.

The Armchair Golfer

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rmutt4m said...

Do you think it is possible that an entire generation of young, American golfers have sought other professions, intimidated by Tiger Woods?