Sunday, September 24

Why Europe Won

For the American side, the second-guessing about the Ryder Cup will be endless. Tiger Woods can’t lead or win in a team setting. Tom Lehman was too rah-rah. Phil Mickelson didn’t show up. And on and on.

But forget about the U.S. for a minute. Here are a few simple reasons why Europe won the cup for the third consecutive time.

1. Europe fielded a better team.
Their best team ever, many said before the matches began.

2. Europe played well.
When the better team plays well, they usually win. Americans might be disappointed about the results, but they shouldn’t be surprised.

3. Europe is a true team.
The European players do “team” better. Even if they lost they would be at the local pub downing a few pints. They're in it together -- always have been, always will be.

The Armchair Golfer

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Pipmick said...

I for one am delighted at the Europeans setting a new record of 3 straight wins on the bounce for the Ryder Cup.

This year's event didn't excite me as much as previous Ryder Cups as it was never really close or in doubt in my opinion, but it was good to see some great golf by the European players, especially Casey's hole in one!