Tuesday, October 17

Golf Mandatory at Chinese University

Communism ain't what it used to be.

At Xiamen University in China's southeastern Fujian province, students majoring in management, law, economics and software engineering are required to take a course in golf. You read that right.

"Golf is not only good exercise, but will teach students communication skills and benefit their future careers," the China Daily newspaper quoted the university's president Zhu Chongshi as saying.

More here:
Chinese university makes "elitist" golf compulsory

I had to cut class to play golf when I was in college, which made it considerably harder to get my degree in Economics.

But college credit for golf -- now there's an idea that can bring our two nations closer together.

The Armchair Golfer


Anonymous said...

I like the idea. Wish they would have done that when I was in college. By the way, I played in Taiwan once, it was a great experience. It was the only time I had a caddy. I can count in chinese, so the getting the yardage down was no problem, but they kept cheating for me. If I got a 6 they'd score it as a 4. It was kind of funny.



The Armchair Golfer said...

Yeah, I had heard that a good caddie can cut strokes off your score. That's a new twist, though.

Diane said...

Mandatory golf – heaven! You can take golf as a PE credit at the University of Georgia but it’s only worth a lousy two credits. What might they think of next? I hear basket weaving is good for finger dexterity!

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