Wednesday, November 8

John Daly: 'Nothing Has Gone Right'

John Daly has more new song material.

Daly's wife has left him after doing time for a federal conviction, he injured his back, hip and pinky, and he took a free fall down the Tour money list. No reports on whether Daly's dog has died.

"It's been a tough one, with injuries and everything else going on," Daly told the Associated Press. "It's tough to play the game of golf when your family is not with you, and the injuries. It's one of those years when nothing has gone right."

JD has lost his exempt status on Tour but can look forward to one early season start: the Nissan Open has granted Daly a spot in the field at Riviera.

What does it all mean? "It's just going to make me play harder," John said.

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