Wednesday, February 28

Global Outsourcing Rocks American Golf

A golf club locker room somewhere in America.

“I'm worried about the stock market. Did you see what happened to the Dow?”

“Yeah, not good. I'm worried, too.”

“About your portfolio?”

“No, about American golf. Those foreigners are taking all our spots in the World Golf Ranking. First, it was manufacturing. Then customer support. Now this. America is in a pot belly bunker.”

“It's not that bad, is it?”

“Are you kidding me? International players hold 11 of the top 14 spots in the World Golf Ranking! That Aussie Ogilvy steals the U.S. Open -- our championship -- from Mickelson. Europe eats our lunch in the Ryder Cup. This Stenson kid beats Tiger in Dubai and then wins the World Match Play event in Tucson. I mean, c'mon.”

“I guess they're just benefitting from the free enterprise system. Competition is great. It's what this country is all about.”

“Yeah, great when we win. But spots in the World Golf Ranking are going overseas faster than a holiday call center.”

“Well, we still have Tiger. And he can single handedly whip the rest of the world any day of the week."”

“I hope so. Because right now I think America needs Tiger almost as much as Nike does.”

The Armchair Golfer


lancer said...

well written...I suspect there's more truth here than you can imagine.

Anonymous said...
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