Monday, February 12

New York Times on Mickelson: 'A Weakness Corrected'

New York Times golf writer Damon Hack has written a nice piece on the off-season soul searching, regrouping and retooling of Phil Mickelson. It certainly paid off at Pebble Beach, a masterful performance by Lefty.

Read the article here.

Whether you're a Phil fan or not, it's exciting to see him play well. After all, don't we all yearn to see someone -- anyone -- who can challenge The Man?

The Armchair Golfer


Miranda said...

If you want to see someone challege Tiger, look no further than the European and Asian Tour. Yang, Harrington, and Stenson have all beaten him.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Of course, you're right. Those guys have beaten Tiger.

But I'm yearning for a rivalry. A Lee Trevino to Jack Nicklaus, so to speak. Trevino wasn't as good as Jack, but he got the better of him when it counted enough times that it was exciting to watch.

In fact, if it weren't for Lee Trevino and Tom Watson, Nicklaus probably would have won about 22 majors.

Tiger is great at pushing himself and I expect him to break all the records, but wouldn't it be special if a Mickelson or Els or Stenson or somebody could step up their game and be a true, on-going rival?