Wednesday, February 7

Play Golf with a Celebrity Week at Pebble Beach

It's almost time to tee it up at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

Some lucky person who won AT&T's Caddie Call contest will be caddieing for Camilo Villegas. And the pros will be sharing the fairways (and enduring long rounds) with celebrities of all stripes.

The celebrity list is below. Who would you want to play with?

As for me, I'd like to play with Clint Eastwood. But apparently he isn't entered this year. Not sure why.

Pebble Beach Celebrity List
(as of 1/25/07)

Harris Barton • Former Professional Football Player (San Francisco)
Chris Berman • Sportscaster
Michael Bolton • Entertainer
Tom Brady • Football Player, New England Patriots
Joe Buck • Sportscaster
Glen Campbell • Entertainer
Don Cheadle • Actor
Kevin Costner • Actor/Producer/Director
Carson Daly • TV Host
Tom Dreesen • Entertainer
Glenn Frey • Musician
Kenny G • Musician
Peter Gallagher • Actor
Danny Gans • Entertainer
Andy Garcia • Actor
Thomas Gibson • Actor
Joe Gransden • Musician
Bob Griese • ABC Sports Analyst
Kevin James • Actor
Huey Lewis • Musician
Rush Limbaugh • Radio Talk Show Host
George Lopez • Entertainer
Bill Murray • Actor
Craig T. Nelson • Actor/Producer/Director
Chris O’Donnell • Actor
Stone Phillips • Journalist
Ray Romano • Actor
Darius Rucker • Musician
Kelly Slater • World Surfing Champion
Emmitt Smith • Professional Football Player
Clay Walker • Entertainer

The Armchair Golfer


Patricia said...

I'd do...I mean, play with...Chris O'Donnell.

Meanwhile I'd try to accidentally hit Rush Limbaugh with a golf ball...or golf club...or baseball bat.

tony at said...

Better not eat any meals close to when the television coverage comes on... I don't want to make a mess on the carpet.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Yeah, Tony, I think I read at your blog that you don't dig the celebrity pro-ams. Good luck getting through the weekend!

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