Friday, March 23

Test: Are You Golf Obsessed?

Mastercard is running an online promotion that features a golf obsession test. It's an interactive quiz that includes David Feherty, Arnold Palmer, Ben Crenshaw, Laura Diaz and John Barmon Jr. (Spaulding Smails from Caddyshack).

One of the teasers reads: “Some people play golf, others live it. Which are you?”

Look, I already know the answer. If you're reading this, you're golf obsessed in my book. But head over anyway and take the test. It's good for a few laughs.

(You might even download and use Ben Crenshaw's voice mail message like I did.)

How did I do on the test? 98th percentile. Nothing to brag about. I'm not satisfied with anything less than 100 percent.

The (Obsessed) Armchair Golfer


CreditGal said...

hah, you wasn't right. I'm reading this, but I don't live golf, I do not even play it indeed. I was looking for another information when I found your post:)

Opra said...

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