Wednesday, April 25

Correction: Morgan Pressel NOT Youngest Major Winner

When 18-year-old Morgan Pressel recently won the Kraft Nabisco Championship, I called her the youngest major winner ever.

“I'm no expert on golf history,” Dave wrote, “but I believe that Young Tom Morris won the 1868 British Open at age 17.”

I looked it up and, of course, Dave is right. That's Young Tom at left wearing the championship belt.

I also learned that Young Tom Morris won the British Open in 1869, 1870 and 1872. He was born in St. Andrews, Scotland, and died on Christmas Day at the tender age of 24.

So, Morgan Pressel is the youngest LPGA major winner and the youngest major winner in modern times.

As a side note, I fired the fact checker but when I realized that would shut down the ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG I hired him back. He's on probation.

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Anonymous said...

Well written...good stuff.

Dave said...

That belt is sweet! There should be at least one PGA tour event with a champion's belt. The PGA Championship could really benefit--put it back to match play and give out a champion's belt.