Wednesday, May 16

My New Golf Outpost: 'Down the Middle'

As many of you know, this golf writing thing can really get out of hand. But hopefully in a good way!

The Most Valuable Network (, a pretty large online sports network, recently asked me to write their golf page (blog format). Because they asked nicely and are flexible and reasonable people, I said yes.

So consider this your official invitation to now visit and read Down the Middle.

I'll keep the ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG going and anticipate covering similar subjects (but with few duplicate posts). If you like this blog, I hope you'll also enjoy Down the Middle.

Of course, I always encourage your comments and feedback.

The Armchair Golfer

P.S. If you have a golf blog or golf site, links to Down the Middle are much appreciated.

Name: Down the Middle


Patricia said...

Congratulations on your new writing job. I look forward to reading Down the Middle.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Thanks, Patricia. Still figuring out how to do both, but it should be fun.