Monday, June 4

Lorena Ochoa Stumbles Down the Stretch

“It ain't over until it's over,” Yogi Berra famously said.

I was reminded of this Yogiism again yesterday as I turned off the Ginn Tribute late in the final round. Lorena Ochoa, the world's No. 1 lady golfer, was cruising to another victory with three holes to play.

I had watched my Sunday afternoon quota of golf and headed into the kitchen to rustle up some dinner for the kiddos.

Later, I was shocked to learn Nicole Castrale won in a one-hole playoff.

Lorena bogeyed two of the last three holes and then hit her drive in a marsh on the playoff hole. Her record is 0-4 in playoffs. She must be smarting from giving one away.

“I need to learn to win in the tough ones. For sure I need to improve my playoff percentages,” she told the Associated Press.


Lancer said...

Even the best in the world stumble when they play this stupid, wonderful game called golf. The best in the world also learn from their mistakes. The future will reveal if she falls into the latter category.

MCPO Airdale said...

Lancer - Ochoa loses 50% of the tournaments where she enters the final round with a lead. Can you say, "Choking like a puking dog"?