Monday, June 18

Watching the U.S. Open in St. Petersburg

I missed Tiger Woods' stellar 69 on Saturday. Too bad. I was driving from the Florida Panhandle to St. Petersburg, a 400-plus mile trek along I-10 and I-75.

However, I didn’t miss anything important on Sunday from 2:30 p.m. until the trophy presentation. I watched the final round with my friend Aly while our wives and kids spent the afternoon at the swimming pool.

“Why are the announcers wearing dark suits and ties?” Aly said. “They’re not dressed like golfers.”

I was so consumed by the golf that I hadn’t noticed.

“Because dark suits are what people wear to funerals,” I joked.

Indeed, the final round at Oakmont was like a funeral procession. Each player’s hopes died a slow (or fast), painful death. (Except for an Angel.) As is always the case at the U.S. Open, it was agonizing to watch. And, at the same time, riveting.

I really thought Tiger Woods would win. I’m not at all surprised that Jim Furyk came close (again). And I loved the way Angel Cabrera just went out and took it. He was the best yesterday and a joy to watch.

The Armchair Golfer

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matthew said...

I like your blog and will consider adding a link to it on my blog. If you would be willing to do the same for Amateur golfer?

Golf Champ said...

Given that Woods' wife had their first child within 12 hours of the Open finishing, does it make you wonder if he was aware of how imminent his daughter's birth was?? That would make it tough to be 100% focused.