Friday, September 28

David Duval, Weekend Golfer

(Mark Kimmet/Flickr)

In case you haven’t heard, David Duval is back after a seven-month break. Duval is playing in the Viking Classic in Madison, Mississippi.

Good news for Duval fans, too. He’ll play the weekend after posting 72-69.

Duval stayed home this year due to his wife’s difficult pregnancy. Baby Sienna arrived last month and mother and daughter are doing well. Duval’s last event was the Nissan Open in February.

The Armchair Golfer


lancer said...

Duval is a really good guy. Too bad life came along and took away his golf game, but at least he didn't throw it away, it appears to have been taken from him. I wish him well.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Duval is a guy you hope gets his game back. At the same time, you know golf isn't everything to him -- he'll be fine either way.

Tom Blogical said...

I'd love to see Duval get back to being one of the top players in the world. It would take a monumental comeback far greater than the one Steve Stricker just accomplished, though.

Golf Addict said...

I have always enjoyed watching David Duval, a very good golfer and a cool down to earth guy, what is there not to like?

BetterGolf said...

I'm a big fan of David's. I hope to see him get his _ _ _ _ together!