Saturday, October 6

Lee Trevino Unretires

The Merry Mex has apparently ended a retirement that was shorter than his backswing. I'm good with that. I've been feeling a little guilty about not writing my Trevino tribute piece. Now I have more time.

This from Richard Oliver of the Express-News in San Antonio:

World Hall of Fame golfer Lee Trevino, who earlier this year told reporters in Boston that this month's AT&T Championship at Oak Hills would be his last competitive tournament, apparently has had second thoughts.

A Champions Tour official confirmed Wednesday that Trevino, who lives in the Dallas area, has decided to continue playing beyond this season.

The legendary player, who has a large contingent of friends in San Antonio, is still scheduled to play at the AT&T on Oct. 19-21.

It's a hard game to play. It's also a hard game to walk away from. (Or ride away from if you use a cart.)

The Armchair Golfer


Mike Pedersen Golf said...

He's a ham! He loves the attention. That's hard to leave!

The Armchair Golfer said...

I'm sure that's a factor, Mike. An extrovert on the course, I read that Trevino was a hermit off the course.