Wednesday, November 7

Love Hurts

Speaking of putting (previous post), someone who really struggled on the greens this year was Davis Love. I read the other day that Love was ranked 195th out of 196 on Tour in putting. That’s dismal.

It was just the beginning of Davis’s problems. He had quite an off year that saw him drop to 51st in the world rankings. To add injury to insult, in late September Love tore tendons in his left ankle when he stepped in a hole. Not good.

At age 43, I wonder how competitive Love will be until he’s eligible for the Champions Tour in 2014. Davis has always been a fine ball-striker, so it’s hard to dismiss him.

But that ankle will have to heal well and he’ll need some semblance of a touch on the greens.

The Armchair Golfer


Anonymous said...

He is too good, too gifted and apparently too hard working to stay down for long. I predict he'll be back next year in a big way.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Maybe so. He'll have to make some putts to win, though.

Reid said...

Both of you guys are right. And he has done it before. Remember when he was having neck problems? I know from personal experience that that can be a career ender. Yet he came back. When he putts well he is one of the very top players.
Dr. Reid Sheftall