Saturday, December 22

2007 Golf Quiz Knocks Me Off My Armchair

“Maybe you thought you were paying attention to golf in 2007,” writes columnist Gary Van Sickle, “but this Killer Year-End Quiz says you probably weren’t.

“You’ve got a good chance to go low with this Quiz -- as in, not get many correct. Go ahead and test your memory, if you dare … ”

OK, Gary, I accept the challenge. I keep up with golf. Kinda.

(A short while later...)

You were right, Gary. I’m glad I didn’t have you in middle school. It was tougher than winning the U.S. Open with my wife ready to give birth at any second. Out of the first 14 questions, I only got half right. There are many more questions, but I gave up (for now) because I have to get out into the Christmas shopping madness.

Who else wants to try? If you get more than 10 of the first 14 questions correct, you may want to check yourself into Golfaholics Anonymous.

Take the Killer Year-End Quiz

The Armchair Golfer


Chris said...


I took the quiz, the first 14 at least. I consider myself to be an avid golf fan but I could only squeeze out 6/14.

There were a lot of oddball questions in the quiz. What a great year of golf in 2007!

Great post.

lancer said...

I got 11 out of 14. I obviously spend too much time surfing golf sites, etc. I admit that some I had to guess and just happened to guess correctly.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Chris: 6/14 isn't bad considering how difficult it is.

Lancer: Or shall I call you, Mr. Golf Encyclopedia? Somehow I'm not surprised. Let me know how you do on the other questions. I haven't gotten past the first 14 yet.