Thursday, December 13

Tiger Woods’ Protégé

(Delores Knowles/Flickr)

Imagine you’re a 17-year-old blasting balls out of a sand trap and a guy walks up to you and says, “What are you trying to do with this bunker shot?”

Oh yeah, and the guy is Tiger Woods.

That’s what happened three years ago to Corey Carroll, an aspiring pro who attends Rollins College and recently failed to advance in the first stage of qualifying school. I read about it in a new Golf Digest profile on Tiger Woods penned by Jaime Diaz.

The two have become friends, with Tiger in the mentor role.

“The context of our friendship is a mutual admiration of work ethic,” Carroll told Diaz. “We practice together and work out together, talk about the methods of different players, just anything golf.”

Tiger said Carroll knows how to work hard, which is the toughest part. Now Carroll just needs to keep learning new stuff and see how far it takes him.

Diaz suggests that, by mentoring, Tiger “might be consciously or unconsciously finding another way to emulate his father.” Whatever Tiger's motivation, I think it’s neat the world No. 1 would approach a young golfer in a bunker and befriend him.

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Lancer said...

Tiger's parents raised not only a great golfer but a great human being.

hien said...

I concur. Tiger has done great things on the green as well as off the green. A true sportsman!


Anonymous said...

very good blog!