Tuesday, January 22

Colin Montgomerie Is Feeling Old

Let’s head across the Atlantic. Here’s something from last week’s media conference at the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship.

“I'm getting older the wrong way, and the competition is getting better.”

(That’s Colin Montgomerie talking. He’s 44.)

“I'm trying to keep up somehow, but as with most sports it's a young man's game and I'm doing okay at 44 to sustain my level.”

(Colin is doing okay at 44.)

“I don't know how long it will last, as long as possible, but hopefully to 50. I'm doing okay at 44 to hang on to my status, which is important to me.”

(Colin is doing okay at 44 to hang on to his status.)

Keep hanging on, Colin. If you can last to 50, you can be a youngster again on the senior circuit. As Raymond Floyd once said, “I went to bed September 4, 1992, and I was old and washed up. I woke up a rookie. What could be better?”

The Armchair Golfer

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