Friday, February 29

Oops! Armchair Golf Misquotes Ernest Shackleton

“We had seen golf in all its splendors, heard the text that nature renders. We had reached the naked soul of man.”
(not said by) Sir Ernest Shackleton

Biographical note: Ernest Shackleton was an Irish explorer who, along with his crew, survived a famous ill-fated expedition to the Antarctic.

This misquote brought to you by The Armchair Golfer.
Getting it wrong for the love of the game.


lancer said...

Let's not forget that he also said, "Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all." Perhaps he was talking about golf.

Bob Brancato said...

If you have the chance read "South", Shackleton's diary rendition of the Antarctic expedition. It's truly fascinating and witnesses the true spirit of men.reinforces that truth is stranger than fiction.