Thursday, April 10

Armchair Golf at the Masters: Chasing a Tiger

(Photo: The Armchair Golfer)

A moment before “lift off.” Tiger Woods collects a tee and readies himself to launch his 3 metal on the par-4 10th hole at Augusta National during Monday’s practice round. To his right, Mark O’Meara retrieves his driver as Tiger’s caddie Steve Williams, clad in traditional white Masters coveralls, looks on. Across the way, Tiger watchers incessantly snap photographs of the world’s most-famous sports figure.

I cannot think of Tiger Woods without thinking of the throngs that chase after him. The crush of Tiger spectators at Augusta National is hard to fathom without experiencing it. As for me, I waited patiently at the 10th tee for Tiger to arrive, positioning myself behind three shorter Tiger gawkers so I would have a clear view of him. We all wanted to stand close to greatness, even if just for a moment.

−The Armchair Golfer

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Anonymous said...

Fyrebug has a fairly satisfying Tiger Woods Grand Slam game... Instead of wack-a-mole your hitting a golf ball with a wedge at Augusta National - they claims it's Hole 10 --wherever-- at least I can pretend I'm on the green and not at work.