Thursday, May 8

17th at TPC Sawgrass: ‘Most Terrifying Two Seconds’

(Russ Glasson/Flickr)

The ardent golfer would play Mount Everest
if somebody put a flagstick on top.

−Pete Dye

DO YOU EVER WATCH a golf telecast and secretly wish you could try your luck on a certain hole?

The par-3 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass brings out that desire in me. So does the par-3 12th hole at Augusta National. I’d just love to drop a few golf balls and take my swings on those challenging holes, preferably when no one was around.

I’d probably choke my guts out, but it would be SO MUCH FUN.

Last night I watched the Bruce Edwards Memorial Caddie Competition on the Golf Channel. To raise money, entertain the crowd and share a few laughs with their player bosses, caddies teed it up on the famous 17th hole with the island green.

The caddies tried their best to reach terra firma, but many if not most splashed down. I saw one cold shank his tee shot. Another hit a low liner that skipped across the water until it ricocheted off the railroad ties that border the green. Some had gorgeous golf swings, and the winner struck his shot to within two feet of the hole.

One former Tour caddie, Mike Collins, told Golfweek, “I was terrified. I couldn’t get my hands dry. It’s the most terrifying two seconds in a caddie’s life.”

I’d love to be that terrified, at least once.

−The Armchair Golfer


Anonymous said...

This is the kind of hole that makes you realize why these guys are so much better than everybody else. Go Phil

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Average Golfer said...

Yeah, but it looks so easy!

Greg said...

Yes I have, and I have enjoyed the chance to do exactly that, in the same round.

I made bogeys on both of the famous par threes after playing for two short years.


The Armchair Golfer said...

If I had heard of Tour 18 I had forgotten about it. That must have been great fun, Greg.

Anonymous said...

I too had the opportunity to play the tour 18 repli-course in Houston. It was a total rush!

Now conjure up the added pressure of a major championship and a couple thousand exuberant fans watching. Here lies the real test of nerves and confidence!