Wednesday, May 14

Ochoa to Chair Sorenstam Retirement Party Committee

Lorena runs a few retirement party ideas by Annika.

ACCORDING TO SOURCES, Lorena Ochoa, despite a heavy on- and off-course schedule, will oversee the retirement party of Annika Sorenstam. The news comes on the heels of yesterday’s blockbuster retirement announcement by Sorenstam.

“I feel strongly about giving back to my game, I mean, the game,” Ochoa said. “I’m anxious to give Annika the sendoff she deserves.”

While some are openly wondering why Annika will retire this season –- especially after three early-season wins –- Lorena isn’t one of them.

“I’ve always respected Annika’s decision-making on the golf course. I have no doubt that she’s also making the right call in this situation. She has my full support.”

However, there is a potential scheduling conflict. Ochoa would like to schedule the retirement party for June 9, two weeks before the U.S. Women’s Open. Yet Sorenstam has already said she plans to finish the 2008 LPGA season.

In related news, Paula Creamer will reportedly chair the decorations subcommittee.

-The Armchair Golfer

(This is an ARMCHAIR GOLF spoof.)


OrlandoGolfBlogger said...

Kind of sad to see her go... Guess she wanted to go out while still on top....


Tom Blogical said...


Exactly. Especially when we could've been treated to Ochoa-Sorenstam duels. Oh well, I guess she's gotta do what she's gotta do.

The Armchair Golfer said...

I, too, hate to see Annika go. I guess we can only hope for some great duels the rest of this season.

Average Golfer said...

And Michele Wie the Hospitality Committee?

Nottageek said...

Shame to see her go, but had some fun with it here:

Anonymous said...

Considering the fact that Lorena Ochoa is probably enjoying the form of her life I really wonder if she would try to coerce Annika out of her retirement plans just to be able to compete with her. Quite honestly, other than Annika, I really don’t see anyone posing a real threat to Lorena Ochoa. Lorena winning when Annika is present in the field gives her victory the required respect.

But yeah, I could not agree more with you guys. The news of Annika’s retirement is really sad and the timing is what hurts even more. Everyone was just gearing up for this mouth watering duel between the two legends on the LPGA tour ( I think it would be fair to call Lorena a legend even though she may not yet be a hall of famer)

There are others who believe that this announcement really is more of Annika going into hibernation for a brief while to return again. At least we have many other instances in modern sports that could back that theory. After all champion players like her would miss the thrill of competition and would want to be back. I am surprised she chose this time just when she is finding her game again after being out of action for most of last season.

For the good of the game I hope she chooses to change her decision