Wednesday, May 7

What PGA Tour Players Really Think


IF YOU CORNERED THEM outside of the media center and told them they would remain anonymous, what would PGA Tour players disclose?

You’re in luck. The results of the Seventh Annual PGA Tour Player Survey are in. SI polled 72 players. Following is some of what I gleaned at

About two-thirds of those surveyed believe Roger Clemens used steroids.

Seven percent have paid $750 for a belt. (I’m sure you can name one.)

Rather be paired with Tiger or Phil? Tiger by far, with 87 percent casting votes for Woods.

If forced to choose between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, more than half said they’d vote for Obama, although 31 percent answered, “I’d take a bullet.”

Half of those surveyed admitted they have played a Tour round with a hangover.

Half also think Tiger will win a grand slam.

Six percent said they know pro golfers who have used performance-enhancing drugs.

Caddies are the biggest gossipers on the PGA Tour, followed by Fred Funk’s wife, Sharon.

And finally ...

“Is your life as a professional golfer more or less fun than you thought it would be when you were in high school?” Seventy-six percent answered, “More.”

What a surprise.

−The Armchair Golfer


OrlandoGolfBlogger said...

Very nice! I love hearing honest yet anonymous comments from golf pros! I especially like the "more" fun than high school comment. Let's be honest, are you really surprised?


Anonymous said...

E! Entertainment for golfers! I love some good golf stats, especially off the course ones.

I have played golf with a hangover; not recommended. I can't believe that half surveyed said they had played a Tour round with one. Oh well, better than playing golf on steroids. said...

I suppose it is just like any other sportsman , get them away from the cameras and they are different people.faro airport transfers and algarve golf bookings

The Armchair Golfer said...

Dave: No, not really surprised.