Tuesday, May 20

Women to Storm Golf Courses in June



So begins the news release announcing that June is Women’s Golf Month, sponsored by American Express. The announcement states that more than 68,000 women across the country have been introduced or re-introduced to the game over the past three years. So they’ve decided to turn Women’s Golf Week into Women’s Golf Month.

Participating golf facilities will offer free golf instruction to women 14 years of age and older. Other activities will include golf rules and etiquette seminars, club fitting and equipment demonstrations, golf apparel fashion shows, luncheons, and playing experiences and contests.

Hall of Famer Nancy Lopez and LPGA/PGA professional Suzy Whaley are serving as national spokeswomen.

For more info, visit Play Golf America.

-The Armchair Golfer


lancer said...

Without trying to sound too sexist, I think women on the amateur hacker level play a much better game than men. They play quickly, if badly, which is a lot better than thinking you're Jack Nicklaus and taking forever to play a hole, while still playing it badly.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Interesting point. I don't think I'd be surprised to find out women play faster. I can play with about anyone who is pleasant and keeps moving. Slow play takes the enjoyment out of the game.