Wednesday, August 6

Tiger Woods Will Win the 90th PGA Championship

I'm picking this guy to win the year's last major.
(Marcia Cirillo/Flickr)

AFTER NOT PICKING TIGER WOODS at Torrey Pines because I reasoned a crippled person couldn’t win in U.S. Open conditions, I vowed to never go against him again. NEVER.

So I’m picking Tiger Woods to win the PGA Championship that begins Thursday at Oakland Hills.

I know what you’re thinking. He’s not entered. But if anyone could win a major without being entered, it would be Tiger Woods.

Maybe all 156 players will withdraw or be DQd and the PGA of America will decide that Tiger can hang on to the trophy for another year. Or maybe the player who wins just won’t feel worthy and decide to give the silver cup back to Tiger.

After all, who really wants an asterisk by his name?

−The Armchair Golfer*

*Blogging about golf while Tiger Woods is injured.


Bobbio said...

Thanks for the info. Now what am I supposed to watch this weekend, reruns of Baywatch?

Lancer said...

Thinking outside the box sometimes produces idiocy and sometimes brilliant insights. It remains to be seen where your post will fall, but it was well thought out and makes sense to me.

kovogolf said...

I think Tiger is going to do it.

Tom Blogical said...

Sigh. I hope Ben Curtis plays well for 18 holes tomorrow, and not just 10. Going from 3 under and a tie for the lead over the first 10 holes, to 3 over during the last 8 holes is definitely a round killer.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Curtis had 67 in round two, and is right in it.

Tom Blogical said...

I saw that! Woo-hoo! He must've had a great day off the tee, because I saw him in the rough a lot on his back nine yesterday.

Goods said...

Had Tiger played, he would have been paired with Rory Sabbatini and Ian Poulter in Rds 1 & 2.

Both of those guys want to beat him so bad it's ridiculous.