Thursday, September 25

My Conversation with Tommy Bolt

1958 U.S. OPEN CHAMPION TOMMY BOLT DIED IN AUGUST. The colorful 15-time PGA Tour winner was 92. Not long before, in May, I called Tommy at his home in Cherokee Village, Ark. His health and memory were failing, but we had an enjoyable 10-minute conversation.

I asked Tommy about Ben Hogan, Jack Fleck (who I talk to fairly often) and life on the PGA Tour in the 1950s. The following excerpt is six and a half minutes in length. I hope you enjoy it. As you’ll hear, Tommy was a character to the very end.

−The Armchair Golfer

U.S. Open Champion Tommy Bolt Dies


lancer said...

That was great and sad at the same time. It's hard to make yourself realize what time does for even the most vibrant person. He was one of a kind and golf is a better game because he played it.

The Armchair Golfer said...

They were a different breed of tour pro back then. They all have stories. I was lucky to talk to Tommy before he passed.