Tuesday, December 2

Adam Scott Tweaks His Knee

THIS HASN'T BEEN ADAM SCOTT'S YEAR. Now a minor body surfing incident will sideline the Aussie, according to Golf.com:
Top Australian golfer Adam Scott will miss his country's PGA Championship after injuring his knee in a surfing accident. Six-time PGA Tour winner Scott was set to be one of the star attractions at Coolum in Queensland this week, but was forced to withdraw after damaging his right kneecap.
Scott is expected to play in the Australian Open next week in Sydney.

−The Armchair Golfer

Adam Scott Is Hurting


Mad Hatter said...

Thats alright Adam, im still in your corner. It will be ready by February, then I can watch his little apple bottoms. Armchair are you picking on me ?

The Armchair Golfer said...

Not at all, Mad Hatter.

Groove Sharpener said...

Sadly Adam is not fulfilling his enormous potential - certainly not translating it into major wins.

Another Garcia perhaps ??