Saturday, December 27

Aussies Cash in on John Daly

(James Marvin Phelps/Flickr)

A READER POINTED ME to this Christmas Eve story posted at FOX Sports Down Under.

“John Daly may play like the world's 734th best golfer, but in the popularity stakes the Wild Thing is still on a par with Tiger Woods,” wrote Iain Payten.

Can that really be true? I know Daly is popular, but I don’t see him as Tiger’s equal. Yet JD was worth at least $3 mil during his recent golf jaunt to the Southern Hemisphere, according to the article.

“Figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph show Daly's month-long trip delivered publicity and media exposure for Australian golf to the value of $3 million, and quite possibly in excess of that.”

For Daly, having a PGA Tour card appears to be irrelevant.

−The Armchair Golfer



Anonymous said...

Hard to believe, but Daly remains one of the most popular players on the planet. He has no game, has had no game for years, yet people flock to see him play. He will never get his life or game together as long as people continue to enable him. Unfortunately, as long as he makes money for them, the really important things matter little.

Bedlam said...

Daly will alway have followers, I try to stick with his crowd during play, its like the 'dead heads' and the Greatful Dead, that my man. Lancer I agree with you on this one, kiss, kiss and late merry christmas.

Anonymous said...

He gets so much attention because everyone is waiting for the next crash and burn

The Armchair Golfer said...

Funny, three different takes and all so true. Just goes to show how JD mesmerizes in a train wreck sort of way.