Sunday, January 11

Geoff Ogilvy Is a Cool Cat

AUSTRALIAN GEOFF OGILVY used to have composure problems. Used to. Nothing seemed to bother this slender cat as he slipped around the Plantation Course the past few days in Maui. This guy is as smooth as they come − especially, it seems, as a front-runner.

My cable was acting up, so I didn’t see much of the final-round action. But Ogilvy had the Mercedes-Benz Championship in his pocket on Saturday night after firing an eight-under-par 65 that separated him from the field. He went on to win by a comfortable six shots.

Ogilvy leaves Maui with an early-season win and $1.12 million. Geoff should be on everybody’s short list for winning another major. He has the game and the temperament.

−The Armchair Golfer

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Da Judge said...

Agree with your assessment of G.O. keeping his cool, however his win was not as easy as it looks from the final score. Going into #8, he had a two shot lead, and had bogeyed the previous two holes - and DLIII and AK were closing fast. However, to you point, he stayed cool and closed like a Champ...

The Armchair Golfer said...

Good point, Judge. It could have gotten out of hand for Ogilvy had he not dropped that eagle putt on No. 9. I've heard playing with a big lead is a lot harder than it looks.