Wednesday, January 7

Kim Surprised That Tiger Has Won 14 Majors

Anthony Kim practices his putting.
(Jeff Wallen/Flickr)

AT TUESDAY’S MERCEDES-BENZ CHAMPIONSHIP press conference, Anthony Kim said he didn’t realize Tiger Woods had won so many majors.

“I’m not a huge golf fan, so I don't know all the stats,” Kim said. “I really thought he had won about eight majors, and he told me he won 14. I didn't know that.”

Eight! Really?

A comment at’s Press Tent suggested that the youthful AK was trying to downplay his knowledge of Tiger’s accomplishments. The commenter added that it’s just the kind of thing that motivates TW.

Well, I find that hard to believe. Kim is young and apparently not well versed on golf records. If he is somehow trying to get into Tiger’s head, two words: BIG MISTAKE.

−The Armchair Golfer


Average Golfer said...

Dang, Tiger's won 14 majors?

Anonymous said...

It's hard for us to believe because we're fans. Players are different. Some are fans too, and some aren't.

Remember the Boo Weekly interview where he was asked about golf history and the like and his reply was that he doesn't watch golf? He said something to the effect that he'd rather be watching NASCAR or fishing. People commenting on that interview had the reaction that it's ridiculous that a pro golfer could be oblivious to those sorts of things. We forget that fans and journalists specialize in something different than the players themselves.

Anonymous said...

This only goes to show that golfing skill and charisma are no match for intelligence. People in any business should be aware of what their competitors are doing. It has nothing to do with whether or not he's a fan.

Anonymous said...

But Lancer, when he sets foot on the course (his office) does it really matter how many majors Tiger Woods has? The only thing that matters to a pro golfer is the next shot. Worrying about Tiger Woods' records is a good way to wilt under pressure. In business, people compete with each other. Golfers post the best score they can (in stroke play, anyway) and it's rare that shot decisions are made based on the current standings, let alone lifetime records. It's extraneous information not "smart business".

The Armchair Golfer said...

14 is the correct answer, Bobbio. Your last name isn't Kim, is it? :)

Bedlam said...

I think he knew what Tigers record was, that was just a smart remark, between the lines would read, 'I dont want to show a concern'. You couldn't find a headline that didn't read Tiger is catching up to Jack Nicklaus 18 majors last year. Lancer hit it on the head or drove the green on this one, you know what your competitors record, just like you know the strokes of the players your playing with.

Anonymous said...

What a jerk. I'm not a fan of Kim. He is way over rated. If he really didn't know....then that is a pathetic.

Phil said...

I'm sure he was joking. On Tee It Up With Tiger on the Golf Channel, Anthony referred to Tiger winning 10 majors. Tiger laughed and corrected him, and joked about it again later in the show.

And this was a month or two ago (or earlier at the actual time of filming). So he knows how many Tiger has won. It's just AK having fun. Give him a break.

Unknown said...

Who is Anthony Kim?