Wednesday, January 14

Next Week at ARMCHAIR GOLF: Paula Creamer

Coming soon: The Pink Panther. (Susanica/Flickr)

WORLD NO. 3 PAULA CREAMER will stop by ARMCHAIR GOLF next week (in a virtual sense, at least) for a Q&A.

Paula will check in on her 2009 season preparation, her schedule, an Annika-less tour, what she learned in 2008 that will help her in majors, life at Isleworth, advice for amateurs, her favorite new fashion and golf accessories, and more.

−The Armchair Golfer


Anonymous said...

Tell her that you know an old man who has a terrific crush on her and who thinks that she's a breath of fresh air on the LPGA.

Bedlam said...

I like Paula also, I hope she has a great year.

Cash said...

Paula is a great ambassador for the LPGA - she is everything that golf should stand for. I am jealous of you ....I am trying to do some interviews of Duramed Futures tour players on my blog this year.

The Reverend said...

I too shall be making the switch to pink balls.

The Armchair Golfer said...

All: Yes, it's hard not to like Paula. She is most definitely a breath of fresh air.

Lancer: I think we're all "old men" compared to this talented, attractive 22-year-old.