Thursday, January 22

Obama Golf Watch: New President Hits 10 Balls

ARMCHAIR GOLF HAS LEARNED that President Barack Obama took a brief timeout from his many new official duties to get in a little practice on Tuesday. Just a little, but still.

And that’s a good thing, because even President Obama would probably agree that his game needs work, especially considering all the Golf Digest pieces that dissected his swing in the February issue. The 44th president was critiqued by swing experts Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter and Jim Flick.

(Maybe if the economy wasn’t in such an awful mess the President could have one of his new aides study those articles for him.)

Still, even if you’re the President of the United States, you have to work things out for yourself on the golf course. No sport more quickly reveals one’s flaws. It will take a lot more than 10 balls, but good for him for getting started.

By the way, the balls were “Inaugural” balls. I’m not sure who makes them.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Photo: J Lee/Flickr)


The Reverend said...

I wonder who the presidential instructor is?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he found the time to do this on Tuesday, the day of the Inauguration. If he did, the country appears to be in very good hands.

Bedlam said...

blah blah, put the camera on him and lets see lefty play. I wonder what tournament he will attend first? and does he putt in the office?

Anonymous said...

I think President Obama will be too busy to play golf for the next few weeks. I'm sure there's more than golf on his mind.