Sunday, March 22

2009 Masters Tournament Guide

Near the bottom right of this photo, you’ll see a ball skipping across the pond that fronts Augusta’s 16th green. The ball-skipping is a Masters practice tradition. (Photo: John Trainor/Flickr)

TOO EARLY FOR MASTERS MANIA? I think not. In fact, I’ve been thinking about the year’s first major for quite a while and have put together a free 44-page guide to the 2009 Masters Tournament. (Sign up at above right under the brown box.)

Last year I went to Augusta for the first time, so part of the guide includes my first-hand observations about the Masters experience. You’ll also find need-to-know information, history, humor, interviews and more.

I’ll introduce you to the only living player who teed it up in the first Masters in 1934, as well as the first Augusta native to play for the Green Jacket. I’ve talked to both men, a real treat.

Here’s the table of contents:


My Road to the Masters
One Patron’s Guide to Augusta National Golf Club
Masters’ Food: A Tradition Like No Other
Chasing a Tiger
Q&A: SI’s Jim Gorant on the Masters


The Field
The Course
Augusta National Golf Club Scorecard
Masters TV Schedule
Masters Facts


Errie Ball: Last Man Standing from First Masters
Q&A: Walker Inman Jr., First Augusta Native to Play in Masters
Masters Winners
Masters Records

Tiger Woods Will Still Win the Grand Slam This Year
The 2016 Masters
Overheard in Heaven: Bobby Jones Consoles Byron Nelson


Your free copy is ready.

−The Armchair Golfer


Heather Kerrigan said...

The next best thing to being there! Thanks Neil.

Anonymous said...

Great little guide. I appreciate your hard work on it. I clicked a Google Ad to show my appreciation. I'm looking forward to the practice rounds next week.

Anonymous said...

this looks like a wonderful guide
I have played Augusta National, In fact I have played the entire golf Digest top 100 and wrote a book about it A GOLFERS DREAM; HOW A REGULAR GUY CONQUERED THE GOLF DIGEST TOP 100 GOLF COURSES IN AMERICA
Larry Berle

JLibbey said...

Thanks! This is really good.

Fore! Black Golfers said...

What a wealth of info you're got here. Kudos!
Thought I'd add my two cents, and invite you to chip in yours...
Meet golf’s answer to Michael Vick at!

Mr Business Golf said...

If it is not too late, you may want to post this on the Business Golf Country Club for all the Club's members to review. Great stuff here.