Monday, March 23

What Not to Say While Caddying for Erica Blasberg

LOOK WHO’S CADDYING for LPGA Tour player Erica Blasberg.

“Yep, it's true,” writes Shane Bacon at Dogs That Chase Cars.

“This week I will be at the J Golf Phoenix LPGA International Presented by Mirassou Winery at Papago Golf Course in Phoenix, Arizona, caddying for a real, live LPGA girl in a real, live LPGA tournament. What you got to say about that, Rick Reilly?”

Shane is a golf blogging pal, and I told him I have complete confidence in his abilities. I mean that. But just in case he gets a case of the nerves, I’ve compiled a short list of things he might want to avoid saying to Erica this week.

“I think the red tees are up there.”

“Don’t go right.”

(If there’s trouble right.)

“What yardage book?”

“Don’t go left.”

(If there’s trouble left.)

“I don’t know why there are 15. I counted 14 when we left the range.”

(If Erica asks, “Do you think I can get there with a 5-iron?”)

“How about breaking par?”

(If an angry Erica says, like Fulton Allem once said, “I feel like breaking something.”)

“Wow! Check out her swing!”

“Hit it, Alice.”

−The Armchair Golfer

(Photo: LPGA Tour)


Shane B. said...

Awesome! Thanks for the advice! I loved these by the way. Awesome stuff.

Cash said...

Why does Shane get to do all the fun stuff ?

Marc said...

oh, how about "does your husband play" That should go over well

Jeff Goodman said...

Avoid saying this...

"What club would you like for your next 6 shots?"

Unknown said...

There may be sexier girls on the tour, but I find Erica to be the prettiest (do they still use the word pretty these days??) and she has a class A, fabulous smile...

Heather Jones said...

What a cool gig!

Also, remind him not to use, "My signature is fine, you go sign autographs."