Wednesday, May 13

Yippee! It’s National Golf Day

National Golf Day supporter Natalie Gulbis.
(Image courtesy of RSM McGladrey)

SO, DO YOU HAVE any special plans today? It’s National Golf Day, after all.

In fact, golf leaders such as PGA of America President Jim Remy are in the capitol today to meet with lawmakers and extol the many positive aspects of golf, including providing two million jobs, raising $3.5 billion for charities, creating programs for golfers of all ages and more.

However, I doubt that you need a whole bunch of reasons from me to support golf because I expect you already have a deep affection for the game. Perhaps it’s even true love.

I’m not a big petition signer, but I signed the National Golf Day petition and ask that you sign it, too. Golf needs all the support it can get.

Yep, please add me to the list of people who support golf

By the way, it’s always golf day here at the ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG. Keep stopping by, won’t you?

−The Armchair Golfer

2 comments: said...

Do you need to be a real professional or there is any chance for begginers. said...

The celebration was taking place today 13th May 2009 but maybe for next year. My husband would liike to try but he is afraid of the required level for the event.