Saturday, June 6

Getting to Know Memorial Leader Matt Bettencourt

I SAW NONE of the third round of the Memorial Tournament. So when I checked the leaderboard my first thought was, “Matt who?”

Matt Bettencourt, a 34-year-old PGA Tour rookie, shares the 54-hole lead with Mark Wilson at nine under par. A posse of name players are on their tail.

Bettencourt can play. You don’t get in Jack’s tournament or lead on Saturday night unless you know your way around the golf course. Bettencourt carded eight birdies today en route to a 68.

Last year Bettencourt won the 2008 Nationwide Tour Championship. In 16 PGA Tour events in 2009, he’s made seven cuts and had just one finish in the top 25. Not exactly the kind of numbers that would indicate he’s ready to win on golf’s biggest stage. Still, Matt’s leading the golf tournament and I’m writing about a guy I’ve never heard of.

Bettencourt is from California and attended Modesto Junior College. Michael Jordan, Payne Stewart and his dad are his heroes. He has a twin sister named Michelle. That’s all I know about him.

Bettencourt has a lot of work to do on Sunday. It will be a nerve-wracking day at the office. I wish him the best.

−The Armchair Golfer

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Lancer said...

There's nobody out there that cannot play. Nobody could have beaten Bettencourt will probably be another matter.

Kevin K said...

Bettancourt turning pro at 27 is awesome! He has become one of my newest idols. Second to Zach Johnson now I always love a good journeyman success story.