Wednesday, July 8

Jim McLean Golf Instruction: Swish Drill

By Jim McLean

(Editor’s note: This is the final tip of a seven-part series on practice drills.)


Problem: The player prematurely releases the club.

Result: Power is drained from the swing and the trajectory of the shot is off.

Goal: To learn how to better time the downswing action, so that power is preserved for the vital moment of impact.

Practice procedure:
Turn your driver upside down or, better yet, use a driver shaft with no clubhead. If you use your regular driver, grip the shaft directly below the clubhead. Take your address and then swing. If you hear a swish sound right away while swinging down, you have released the club to early. This fault is called “casting.” Make sure you hear the swish at the impact position. Now hit shots! You’ll see the ball fly lower, farther and straighter.

Jim McLean is the instruction editor for Golf Digest and the Golf Channel, and an author of numerous, top-selling golf instruction books. For a free intro DVD to his new Building Block Approach, visit Jim McLean Golf School.

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Lancer said...

This appears to be one of those rare cases where golf instruction actually makes some sense and may do something to improve your game.

Mike said...

Nice post. Quick and to the point. I like it. Great tip too. I will try this out. Thanks.