Monday, September 7

How to Throw a Club by Top 100 Teacher Charlie King

Is Tiger hindered by his club-throwing technique?
(Keith Allison/Flickr)

A LOT HAS BEEN MADE of Tiger Woods’ club-throwing tantrum in the first round of the Deutsche Bank Championship, the second of four FedEx Cup Playoffs events.

While many are fixated on whether Tiger should or shouldn’t toss the offending Nike stick—and what it means for the PGA Tour, what Earl would think, and the future of sportsmanship—I believe there’s an underreported aspect of the story: club-throwing technique.

I bring you (and you too, Tiger, if you’re reading) Charlie King, a top 100 teacher from the Reynolds Golf Academy. King, the author of The New Rules of Golf Instruction, demonstrates the importance of a running start, a three-quarter backswing and proper release:

VIDEO: Club-throwing tips by top 100 teacher Charlie King

Look, Tiger is going to throw his clubs from time to time. We know that. A little instruction could go a long way. (And so could his club.)

Stricker Takes FedEx Cup Lead

Mr. September, Steve Stricker, birdied the last two holes at TPC Boston to win the Deutsche Bank Championship by a shot and bypass Tiger in the FedEx Cup points race. Tiger barely missed a top-10 finish, closing with an 8-under 63. This week the playoffs move to Cog Hill in Chicago for the BMW Championship.

−The Armchair Golfer


Unknown said...

I stole this from Geoff just this morning...

The most exquisitely satisfying act in the world of golf is that of throwing a club. The full backswing, the delayed wrist action, the flowing follow-through, followed by that unique whirring sound, reminiscent only of a passing flock of starlings, are without parallel in sport.

Lancer said...

If Tiger decides to throw a club, I'd be willing to wager that his technique would be so much better than anyone else who's ever thrown a club, there would be four instructional books out on his technique before the Sun could set. Most of us would stand in line to buy one. Great post.

diane said...

Now it's unanimous. Every single golf blogger has written about Tiger's temper tantrums in the past week.